Crowley Main Street Facade Improvement Grant

Facade Improvement Grant


Crowley Main Street (CMS) is pleased to announce the Crowley Main Street Façade Improvement Grant Program. The program provides building improvement grants to business or building owners within the boundaries of the Crowley Main Street District. Business/building owners will use these grants to support highly visible improvements to buildings and storefronts.


The intent of the program is to support private investment and to help stimulate the local economy for the purpose of creating a positive visual impact, complementing other community development efforts and preserving the City of Crowley’s valuable historic and cultural assets.


Funding for this year’s program comes from a grant from the First National Bank of Louisiana and the Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas. Yearly funding for this program will depend on available funds. 

Who May Apply

  • Building owners and business owner tenants of commercial and/or mixed-use buildings located within the Crowley Main Street District boundaries (see map attached). .
  • Grantees must currently own or be leasing the property at the time of the application.
  • Business owner tenants must have written approval from the building owner.
  • Members of the Crowley Main Street Board of Directors or their immediate families are not eligible for grant funds.
  • Applicant’s ad valorem tax assessments must be current.


Friday, May 31, 2024: Grant applications must be submitted to Crowley Main Street by this date.

    1. Complete and submit an application to the Crowley Main Street office, 425 N. Parkerson Avenue, Crowley, LA 70526, or email to
    2. Submitted applications will be received and noted as to date and time received.
    3. Applications will be reviewed by the Crowley Main Street Director and the Crowley Main Street Design Committee for completeness and to ensure application follows all design/and historic guidelines.
    4. An independent panel of judges will review all applications.
    5. If approved and selected, the applicant will receive a Letter of Commitment specifying amount of grant and time frame in which grant work must be completed.
    6. Projects that begin before the Letter of Commitment is issued will be disqualified from the grant program.
    7. The applicant is responsible for notifying the Crowley Main Street Director once the work is completed.
    8. The applicant must provide proof of payment for all eligible expenses listed on the application. Applicant must also provide photos of all completed work with the request  for reimbursement. If work is deemed in compliance, the applicant will receive grant funds via check within 14 days of completion.
    9. The Crowley Main Street Board retains discretionary authority to deny an application.
    10. Grant applications are accepted until grant funds are allocated for the year.